Reasons why no one is visiting your website

Businesses, individuals, and brands spend a lot of money on building their websites in order to attract the right customers. A lot goes into developing and designing a website that will appeal to visitors including finding the right developer, choosing a domain name and host, deciding on a color scheme, front and backend development, and many others. The web development process can take up to 16 weeks and cost an average of $200 depending on your web developer

However, even if you spend millions of dollars to develop the most functional website and no one visits your site, you will have a major problem on your hands. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to discover why no one is visiting your site and take remedial steps to ensure that they visit in droves. Below are the top reasons why no one is visiting your site and the steps you can take to ensure that they do:

No one can find your website

Your website’s discovery depends on how easy it is to find. Discoverability is largely dependent on Google and other search engines’ indexing. If your website is not visible to Google, then you can be sure that it is not going to be visible to potential customers either.
There are several reasons why Google may not index your site or rank it on the first page of SERPs. These include; having a brand new website, choosing extremely competitive keywords, neglecting to put index tags on your website, and other poor SEO practices. To remedy this, ensure you use the right SEO strategies such as writing great title tags and meta descriptions and including keywords in your URL.

Poor quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks are great for SEO because they essentially act as a ‘vote of confidence\’ between two sites. If many quality sites link to your website, it demonstrates to Google and other search engines that you are offering valuable content. As a result, search engines will rank your site higher on SERPs and it will be easier for potential customers to find you. Poor backlinks such as those from cheap link services as well as those created by automatic link building services look spammy to search engines and you may find your site ranking poorly as a result of using them.

You are not promoting your content

Publishing great content on your site is a great way to drive organic traffic and rank higher on SERPs. However, constantly publishing content without promoting it can backfire, especially if no one reads your content. In order to get the right people to visit your site and learn more about your business, you will need to promote your content through social media, paid to advertise, sending email broadcasts, and leveraging other promotion strategies.

Your headlines are boring

Boring or non-compelling headlines will not attract visitors to your site no matter how highly you rank in SERPs. There are several things you can do to improve your headlines and make them as compelling as possible. These include; using numbers and ensuring that you place them at the beginning of the headline, creating a sense of urgency e.g. by using the word right now and using interesting adjectives that pique people’s curiosity. You can also make use of headline formulas that allow you to play around with words until you come up with the perfect headline.

Driving traffic on a consistent basis is crucial to ensuring that you have enough potential customers in your sales pipeline to ensure that you are converting enough sales to help you make a profit. However, in order for this to happen, you need to use best practice SEO and other marketing strategies that will ensure that potential customers can find your website and that they click through to find out more about your business and what you have to offer.

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