7 Tips for Effective Personalized Messages.

It may come a time in your business, where you may want to set a customized message for your business, for instance letting your clients know of the change in working hours. Customized messages are composed depending on the type of information they intend to pass. 

Here are some of our top seven tips that will enable you to come up with enticing personalized messages. 

  1. Lay out Expectations and include an opt-out option: Inform your customers of the frequency of your messages and the type of content they are likely to receive. After this, lay out a clear guide on how to opt-out of the messaging subscription on the condition that they would no longer want to get the messages. 
  2. Relevance: While sending customized text messages, you need to bear in mind that some of the recipients are in different locations and therefore may be in different time zones, Your SMS should be able to arrive at the right time and have applicable content. It is important to put all factors into consideration to ensure that the messages arrive at a time when the recipient is most probably free to check their phones. 
  3. Avoid going over the top with messages: A majority of the new marketers seem to believe that extra is always better. Even though it may be true, this may not be reasonable when it comes to SMS marketing . It may be considered spamming by the recipients and a certain way for them to get rid of you in their good books. Timeliness is a sure way to avoid this by ensuring the message does not come at a time when the recipient is engaged with other activities. 
  1. No detail is too small: Details like your customer’s names and their correct spelling is an important factor to keep in mind when composing personalized messages. This will give you a competitive edge over your competitors who may not have been paying attention to these features.
  2. Entice your clients with freebies,offers and promotions: Think of this as a kind of bribe. Offering something free from your list of services and goods is among the best ways of soliciting a response from your prospects. From an educational blog post, a downloadable document is attached to your offer. Its a guaranteed way to eventually get a response. 
  1. Incorporate keywords:  Keywords are an important part of personalized messages as they give the recipient a precise idea of the topic of your text message. This makes it more probable for the reader to opt-in on future messages. It will also enhance your list of clients and prospects who want to receive your notification alerts and at the same time fend off text message marketing from being overbearing. 
  1. Call to action (CTA): Adding a call to action such as contact us now or click here will go a long way in encouraging your customers to take action.  

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