On Our Bulk SMS platform, we enable businesses to send high to low volumes of messages swiftly and seamlessly to their staff, and customers. This ensures that these businesses are able to reach objectives such as building prospective customer databases, generating leads, and retaining existing customers.  

To have an effective Bulk SMS marketing campaign you need to;

  1. Have a clear call to action

The reason for sending the SMS should be clear so that the recipient is moved to act on the message. This can be done by taking them through the process of getting value form the information they receive.

Measuring if the SMS campaign was effective enables you to note and make improvements on the next campaign. You can measure the performance by responses, ROI, and many more while trying different offers and times, and targets in order to uncover the best fit for you.

In order to achieve that desired action or response, you have to make sure that your recipients have enough time to do so.

The most cost-efficient SMS campaign has carefully chosen words. You will want to get to the point with the benefit/reward/offer clear to the recipient.

An Expiry date to discount offers, coupons and giveaways creates a sense of urgency for your prospects and drives the desired action.

Continuously sending messages to old numbers can be costly. It is therefore important to conduct a regular check-up to delete unreached phone numbers to save you time and money.

SMS keywords enable you to grow your data. how is this possible? Using an SMS keyword helps you grow an opt-in list which saves your business reputation by avoiding intruding on people who haven’t allowed you to communicate with them.

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