About Us

We provide the ultimate customised technology solutions for your business. Our high quality, cost effective and timely services ensure a touch of class and exceptional customer experience.

Who We Are

As one of the leading Web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service providers in Kenya, SoftwareKe, provides companies and individuals, with the ultimate technology solutions to ensure excellence in their sectors.
Based in Nairobi, Kenya SoftwareKe’s mission is to help businesses realize their objectives through the use of high-quality mobile and web-based solutions.

What We Believe

We create beautiful classy products and services that are expertly made to cater to the clients’ needs, and have pioneered custom solutions that are central to our clients’ businesses.

Our Mission

To help you realize your business intentions through the unwavering attention and power of programming, guidance, and resolution brilliance.

What We Do

We provide web and mobile based technology solutions, including search engine optimization, e-commerce, mobile app development.

Our History

SoftwaresKe has 5 years’ experience working in web and mobile technologies, accumulating an impressive portfolio along the way.

Meet Our Team

We contribute our best efforts to meet the most optimistic expectation of our clients. This is achieved through our able team.

Felix K.

Founder – CTO

Vivian J.

Managing Director

Kevin K.

Business Developer

Dismus K.

HR Consultant

Daniel K

Business Developer

Hillary C.


David R.


Jesse K.


Humprey N.


Michael M.


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Our approach to development emanates from our conviction that the client’s business interest is ours

Invest in Tech Growth

Since it was founded, SoftwaresKe has been investing in technology. Our Enterprise has been keeping track of industry trends around the world, providing room for constant growth as the years go by. With the new changes in the technology industry, we have lengthened our investment by focusing on top companies and technologies. We are stepping up to the challenge by utilizing gathered information, deepening our understanding of the industry thereby sharpening our competitive edge.

In-sync with you Productivity

Our main focus is you; the client and we always aim to ensure that we are able to bring about a difference in your productivity by

1. Equipping you with the suitable tools you need – Giving you High-quality, modern programs will enable you to change how your company is distinguished from the rest.

2. Show you how to delegate– From the get-go, we work on your project as a team and an experience such as this can prompt you to delegate to increase your chances of success or end goal achievement.

Build impact by our work

We endeavor to create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the globe by delivering end products that can self-serve, are efficient, and rhyme with the company’s goals and objectives.

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