<strong>Events that modelled the cybersecurity sector trends in 2022</strong>

Lapsus$  is the code name for financially motivated cybercriminals widely known for extortion and destruction splurge that unmasked distinguished companies like Samsung, Uber, and Rockstart games. The Lapsus$ holocaust went on to hook technology giants like Microsoft.  By the end of 2022,  52 zero-day attacks were publicly documented, hitting various software products, particularly taking hold […]

7 top features of an effective Bulk SMS Campaign.

On Our Bulk SMS platform, we enable businesses to send high to low volumes of messages swiftly and seamlessly to their staff, and customers. This ensures that these businesses are able to reach objectives such as building prospective customer databases, generating leads, and retaining existing customers.   To have an effective Bulk SMS marketing campaign […]

It’s time to Build 21st Century Businesses

Its Time to Build 21st Century Businesses. New markets are showing tremendous growth with technology on their side. This has consequently fostered the capabilities of new business models while also moving to power new competition and creating unexpected obstacles that leading firms require to steer the industry. Technology has changed the way Business activities are […]

The Pros and Cons of E-commerce Stores

How Do E-commerce Businesses make their sales? E-commerce took the alternative to bricks and mortar stores off the table after the covid-19 pandemic struck and since then a majority of Businesses have flourished. According to statistics, the value of global E-Commerce was predicted to reach $8.44 trillion in 2021 with over 2 billion buyers by […]

Setting up your E-Commerce Store.

Setting Up your E-commerce store. There are a ton of software companies offering shopping cart software services, but before jumping into this stage, you need to evaluate your business to identify which type of cart will be the most appropriate. This software plays the role of putting your products on display and allows for their […]

Sender ID Explained. 

Types of Sender IDs A sender ID is a numeric or alphanumeric contact that points out the sender of the message. It emerges on top of conversations and enables users to determine what business has sent a specific message. These can be seen as descriptors you can utilize to brand your messages and indicate your […]


How Can you be an Mpesa Administrator? Mpesa has been the most preferred means of payment for many Kenyans. Today thanks to technology, many clients are now opting to use cashless means of payments and businesses are catching on.  How can I become an Mpesa Administrator?  Using other means of payment other than cash is […]

How to raise sender ID

How to raise Sender ID. Imagine you are the standard ,everyday client,and happen to recieve two messages from two diffrent organizations. The first one comes with a random number while the second comes with a drirect sender who is familiar. Which one would you be likely interested to open and which one would you ignore […]


7 Tips for Effective Personalized Messages. It may come a time in your business, where you may want to set a customized message for your business, for instance letting your clients know of the change in working hours. Customized messages are composed depending on the type of information they intend to pass.  Here are some […]


What Does Web Design Entail ? Web Design typically refers to the operation that involves drafting, developing thoughts, and finally organizing content on your website.    Usually related to the front end, Web designing involves the formation of websites and website pages in order to mirror the brand of a company. Web Design employs user […]