A case study of API & Mpesa Integration

The massive adoption of Lipa Na Mpesa by all businesses has led to a significant increase in cashless transactions, something that has proved to be more secure and efficient as opposed to physical. I remember one instance when I was given money to deposit at the bank and got robbed along the way or another where I misplaced the cash and lost it altogether. The inconvenience of physical cash is slowly coming to a halt with the evolution of cashless transactions. 


In addition to this, research has shown that the use of Mpesa payments after integration increased by 32%. On the side of management and fund records, efficiency increased by 46 % leaving little to no room for error. Commencing In 2019, research showed that about 85% of Kenyans identified as Christians, among which 20.6% were Catholics. As the world goes digital, the number of Mpesa Transactions has been on the increase with many parishioners opting to use Mpesa for tithe, and contributions to church projects. this is where we come into the picture.

St Judes catholic & Archdiocese of Eldoret 

St Jude catholic church and the archdiocese of Eldoret trusted us with the task of developing their Mpesa Integration to ensure accountability and accuracy in numbers. The archdiocese of Eldoret has a total population of over 891,800 which is increasing by the day dependent on factors of immigration, industry growth, and other internal factors. On the other hand, St Judes Catholic church in Donholm houses over 10,000 parishioners who come to worship almost on a daily basis.

As the catholic church continues to grow, it also demands that the daily transactions be sorted in new ways with fewer errors and with accountability. The church has embraced the Mpesa transactions and moved on to make an intrepid move to go digital.

We are happy to say that now, The Archdiocese of Eldoret and St Judes Donholm have adopted the Mpesa integration system. This move on their part has made it easier for them to keep up with the large volumes of transactions coming in and also made it convenient for parishioners to make contributions, anytime at the comfort of their dwelling places.

Chagua Online store

When it comes to E-commerce, API Integration ensures increased security, extensibility, and synchronization. Chagua Online store trusted us with the obligation of carrying out the API Integration task for their business.

The Integration system proved useful as Chagua’s online store is now more secure by protecting its information with encryptions. It has enabled the online store to connect to different software elements and allows them to coincide with each other by receiving and sending feedback.

 Tana Group Ltd

A large organization like the Tana group would have initially required multiplex planning and specialist skills to deliver new products and services, with months of building and strategizing to come up with at least one fix. With the many differentiated tasks of keeping records of data from their storage facility, to their farming and milling, the task of reconciling data was overwhelming.

After the API integration, Tana group limited has continued to enjoy fast delivery of analyzed data, from the production, milling, and storage facilities. Furthermore, the system has enabled productivity increase and reduced costs.

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