Steps to a successful SEO

7 quick steps to a Succesful SEO strategy The activities of arranging website content by subject matter to boost ranking/appearance on search results are what is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Fundamentally, it is the procedure followed in an attempt to enhance the chance to gain organic traffic from search engines.   Conducting a […]

The SEO Glossary

The SEO Glossary (Our top 7 picks) Search engine optimization has been a trending subject, with many businesses now trying to power their businesses by optimizing their content and their website features in a way that will improve their visibility when it comes to the search engine.  Here are seven of our top picks on […]

The & Dos and Don’ts of WordPress Development.

The Do’s and the Don’ts in WordPress Development Be it an individual or a small business or an enterprise, running a WordPress website is the ultimate choice. The acceptance of WordPress by both programmers and non-programmers, make it a target for malicious hackers, therefore, reinforcing the importance of observing the most recommended practices. After years […]

WordPress plugins: Top 7 plugins that will improve your website in 2023.

WordPress plugins: Top 7 plugins that will improve your website in 2023. WordPress plugins are an important part of building a WordPress website. WordPress plugins are software supplements usually installed in a program to amplify its ability to perform certain tasks. These plugins may add new capabilities or expand the existing capability on your site, […]

Deep Dive Into Mpesa Integration

A deep dive into API & Mpesa Integration API & MPESA INTEGRATION? Imagine a case scenario where you are the customer who just landed on your website. You begin browsing through your website and find the display pleasant to the eye, the content useful, and you find everything you were searching for. It comes down […]