A deep dive into API & Mpesa Integration


Imagine a case scenario where you are the customer who just landed on your website. You begin browsing through your website and find the display pleasant to the eye, the content useful, and you find everything you were searching for. It comes down to the Purchase stage and you look all through and find payment only through the ATM card number. Maybe you don’t have a bank account or all your funds have been transferred to Mpesa so what then? You abandon the shopping cart and make a quick exit from the website. This is what you are losing out on when you have not embraced the MPesa Integration System.


Mpesa  Integration

So, what is Mpesa integration one might ask? With most businesses being forced to go digital in the past years with the pandemic, a lot of the customers too have adapted to the change and are readily looking for goods and services in the comfort of their homes, and offices. In Mpesa interaction, the registered (Mpesa) customer gets a pop-up notification to confirm the initiated transaction by the seller/service provider. After the customer puts in their pin and goes ahead to confirm the transaction, it is processed and the deal is closed by both parties receiving confirmation messages.

API Integration

The main difference between Mpesa Integration and API is that API plays an interface role between two or more applications thereby proving a platform where the systems exchange data.

What will Integration mean for your Business?

The benefit of integrated payment solutions is that they enable you as a business to :

  1. Self-Light-What happens in integration is the tracking, and reconciling tasks are mechanized therefore saving time and ensuring accuracy. Say For example the e-Citizen website, from individuals seeking Driving licenses to those looking for a good conduct certificate, passports-visas, and other services. There is a considerable amount of money coming in and usually, they have a pay bill or till number where after paying one is required to use the Mpesa transaction ID. This is relevant as it enables the system to segregate each payer by what services they seek without any error and promptly for that fact, Considering the high volume of payments made a day or even in an hour.

  1. Merge your schemes and catalogs with current industry applications- integration API not only makes it easier for customers to purchase but also reduces the workload when it comes to accounting and record keeping. This payment solution enables you as a business to have a better view and understanding of your financial status. By eliminating the possibility of error that would otherwise have been inevitable when relying on the human ability to track cash flow coming from different payment solutions.

At  Softwareske, we have further segmented Mpesa integration services into four main categories this is:

  1. Customer to Business Integration(C2B)- This enables a business website or system to process and record payments by customers made from their Pay Bill.
  2. Business to Business Integration (B2B) -This provides a simple and efficient way to make payments from your Pay Bill to another business pay bill from your systems accurately.
  3. Online Check out – This enables a business to receive and verify payment for goods on their website. The system also generates receipts, invoices, and reports for verification and record-keeping.
  4. Business to customer Integration(B2C) -This enables a business to make payments to customers from your system and generates reports. 
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