Its Time to Build 21st Century Businesses.

New markets are showing tremendous growth with technology on their side. This has consequently fostered the capabilities of new business models while also moving to power new competition and creating unexpected obstacles that leading firms require to steer the industry.

Technology has changed the way Business activities are planned and executed.For Instance :

  1. The way people communicate and share information in a Business setting -Today’s technological environment offers multiple ways of making organizational communication easier, faster, and more efficient. The use of applications like Slack and Zoom enables easier correspondence between department heads, the managerial team, and the staff. There is easier delegation of duties and a chance to monitor the progress. On the customer’s side, technology has made it possible for businesses to create personalized messages for their customers by providing data on customer information.
  2. Use of smart devices and tablets– With the majority of Kenyans now in possession of a smart gadget and access to the internet, business owners have found it easier to stay in touch with their staff and other business copartners if present. It has also made it easier for them to send promotional messages to targeted prospects when near their businesses. 
  3. Remote working – The continuous innovations in technology and new ideas, some businesses are now beginning to integrate remote work into their business strategies. Companies are now considering the possibility of providing their teams with the suitable infrastructure and technology to support logging remotely and secure connections that can handle video conferences and other activities online. 
  4. Use of AIAI is the conventional means of daily living now with the ability to modify the business world and consumer markets. AI has significantly changed business operations across the industries and consequently become an essential tool for maintaining a competitive edge. 
  5. Productions costs and functionality- These are the two things that have merged to form a buyers market in terms of software solutions for every business. The ease of use of the hardware that is key to create software solutions, and the availability of tech-savvy minds that can do the work at an affordable rate compared to long-term service employees are what has pushed most businesses to embrace technology. 
  6. Buyer entitlement-Buying with today’s technology is becoming intricate with buyers spending 60% of their buying journey with immense content, supporters, and administrators spread in divergent business groups. 
  7. Cloud Computing –Technologies in cloud computing set up a good footing for businesses to become more customer-focused and graceful.It allows for transfer of operations to third party servers that can be accessed via internet connection thereby allowing multiple data compilations and expansion without the fear of losing data, downtime, or crashes. 


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