MPESA Integration

Do you need to automate your payment processes in Kenya? Does your business need to integrate Mpesa into your existing system?

If you are a business operating in Kenya, the answer is a definite YES!

Safaricom Mpesa

With the new era of mobile money transfer and the ease it has brought about in doing business, it is very clear that MPESA is not going anywhere anytime soon.

As the #1 software solutions company in Kenya, SoftwareKe, provides companies and individuals the ultimate technology solutions to ensure excellence in their sectors. Based in Nairobi, Kenya Softwareske’s mission is to help businesses realize their objectives through the use of high-quality mobile and web-based solutions.

At Softwareske, we provide B2B, C2B, and B2C payment integration and deliver MPESA API integration via paybill and bulk payments.

Integrated Payment Solutions

It is a fact that Kenya is quickly joining the global cashless economy. And while the west managed this through the use of credit and debit cards, in Kenya the cashless economy is run through mobile transfers and more specifically, through Mpesa.

Today, it is becoming more common for people to carry less cash and rely solely on mobile transfers from their bank accounts to business transactions and even utility payments. From supermarket payments, to food payments in restaurants and eventually to transport, more and more transactions are relying less on tangible bank notes and more on mobile phones.

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Why you should care about Integrating your payment solutions

It is every business’s goal to not only get paid, but to get paid well. However, if you are spending time manually reconciling and entering accounting data, chances of error are very high.

Integrated payment solutions are tools that your business can use to combine your accounting, customer relationship management systems, other applications you may be using, together with payment processes. By doing this, you not only save time and money, but It enables you to have a better view and understanding of your business financially.

The truth is, every time a business accepts money, there are costs. Tracking these costs from different payment solutions may be a bit hard and lead to many errors and waste of time. By integrating your payments solutions, you automate the tracking and reconciling tasks in all your business systems making it all work together to deliver a seamless system that ensures accuracy and saves time.

When choosing a payment integration solution, a business needs to consider where their highest transaction volumes come from, what business applications you need to integrate with payment, e.g accounting, sales etc, and what level of integration your business needs, e.g. do you need it to authorize, accept, decline, store client information, send notifications or print receipts among other tasks.

Once you have figured out these questions then you are ready to choose what integration solution you will need for your business.

Sounds complicated? Not worry, Softwareske will walk with you every step of the way.

Also, if you are a business in Kenya, the solution for you will most likely involve Mpesa.

Mpesa Integration

No matter what your business is, chances are Mpesa has a payment solution for it. From sending money, loans and savings, payment solutions such as paybill and Lipa na Mpesa, and recently parking solutions, it has it all covered. The good news is, you too can integrate Mpesa solutions to your business and have your payment systems running in tandem with your business processes.

At Softwareske we provide you with mobile payment integration solutions that will enable your business receive payments in a more organized and efficient manner through Mpesa

These solutions include:

Customer to business integration– This enables a business website or system to process and record payments by customers made from their paybill.

Business to Business integration– This provides a simple and efficient way to make payments from your paybill to another business paybill from your systems accurately

Online Check out– This enables a business to receive and verify payment for goods on their website. The system also generates receipts, invoices and reports for verification and record keeping.

Business to Customer Integration– This enable a business to make payments to your customers from your system and generate reports

Whatever your integration needs or business you are in, Softwareske will ensure that you have a system that works for you and your needs


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