Types of Sender IDs

A sender ID is a numeric or alphanumeric contact that points out the sender of the message. It emerges on top of conversations and enables users to determine what business has sent a specific message. These can be seen as descriptors you can utilize to brand your messages and indicate your identity to clients before they decide to open the message and read it. 

Sender IDs can utilize any composition of letters and numbers (usually up to 11 Characters ) to make the brand name, products and names clear.

Types of Sender IDs

Sender IDs are not just restricted to your traditional mobile number setup. You have the ability to enhance your brand recognition and engagement with options that are customizable. 

Sender Ids are mainly three :

  1. Custom Words

Sender ID in Custom words is made of a maximum of 11 alphanumerics (letters & alphabets ). You may decide to make the name of your business, a department within your business or another phrase you consider suitable for you as your custom word.  

A custom word can be unique to your organization and provide a great opportunity for you to grow your brand awareness. The best part is that this platform does not charge extra for using custom words. 

They can not sustain two-way communication meaning that the recipient can not at any point respond to the messages received. This is unlike the other sender IDs that do facilitate two-way communication.

  1. Dedicated Numbers

A Dedicated  Number is a computer-generated number that can be used to send messages and can only belong to you, meaning that it can not be shared.  It is made up of 16 characters which are usually numbers. 

Dedicated numbers do allow for two-way communication but require the business to acquire the service from an SMS provider like Safaricom. These virtual numbers are divided into two groups which are :

  • Long code: These are numbers that contain 11-16 digits contingent on the country of origin. They are customarily more moderately priced compared to Shortcode but pose a challenge when it comes to memorizing. 
  • Shortcode: Shortcode Dedicated Numbers are usually between 4-8 digits, depending on the country of origin. Unlike long code, these numbers are easier to remember, a feature that makes it ideal for communication, particularly those that start with the client. The majority of Businesses use shortcodes for competitions for text to win, feedback and requests all coming from customers. 
  1. Shared Numbers

A Shared Number seems similar to a long code Dedicated Number. However, it is not owned solely by one business.It gives your team the authority to call and send messages from the same number. 

Shared numbers receive replies in less than 48 hours of sending your text message . In addition , they are free to use and can be able to sustain a two way communication system. 

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