How to raise Sender ID.

Imagine you are the standard ,everyday client,and happen to recieve two messages from two diffrent organizations. The first one comes with a random number while the second comes with a drirect sender who is familiar. Which one would you be likely interested to open and which one would you ignore ?Which text message would you read and trust?


Sender IDs enable the reciever identify the nature of the origins of the message easily. When they are able to acknowledge your ID,thet will be more inclined to trust your message and consequently open it. 

Advantages of using Sender IDs

  1. Sender IDs can be a crucial sect of productive  SMS campaigns since they enable you to build trust with your customers, and facilitate more engagement with your messages.
  2.  You should ensure that the clients who have decided to open your messages can be able to recognize your sender ID and link it to your brand. This will prove paramount in building trust and assisting your clients. The clients who have opted to receive your messages should be able to identify your sender ID and associate it with your brand.
  3. Without a sender ID , you could be diminishing your brand’s business. Clients may not connect your message to you, and will consequently forget the random number your message originates from. 
  4. Using sender IDs is the best practice for establishing awareness with your clients. In some instances, it may be a necessity. 

How to set up your Sender ID

If you need help setting up your sender ID or are unsure of which option is best suited for your business needs you can get in touch with one of our SMS specialists who can give you a brief outlay of what the service entails and what you will need to proceed. 

You can also download our bulk SMS document that contains knowledge and information and instructions on the same (sender IDs




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