Setting Up your E-commerce store.

There are a ton of software companies offering shopping cart software services, but before jumping into this stage, you need to evaluate your business to identify which type of cart will be the most appropriate. This software plays the role of putting your products on display and allows for their descriptions and prices and then further goes on to facilitate payments from your clients. This is what is referred to as the shopping cart. 

The very first option you have is to purchase a shopping cart license. This means that you will have to choose desired features and then put together the rest of the products needed to launch your online store. This will include acquiring an SSL certificate to protect your customers and a host. 

On the other hand, you can decide to use a licenced cart, which could either be an all-inclusive, hosted package. This package stamps out many processes of decision-making that come with acquiring a shopping cart license. You will not own it, a sphere is a periodical payment to rent but is more convenient for smaller E-Commerce stores. The all-inclusive package contains the SSL certificate and hosts your website as a free service. 

Some of the key features you will need to consider when acquiring a shopping cart include the following :

  1. Language Options 
  2. Volume-pricing capabilities 
  3. On-site search feature 
  4. Display Mode 
  5. The administrative section of the cart. 
  6. Payment Gateway                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Types of  E-Commerce stores. 

There are many contrasting models of E-Commerce stores you can be able to create and we have placed them into two major categories. These are :

i) By the kind of customer you come into contact with. The type of customers you encounter on a daily basis will make you use the following approaches. 

  • B2C-Business to Customer – In this model, you wills sell products and services directly to the consumers who in this case are the end-users of the products or services acquired. 
  • B2B- Business to Business – what takes place here is a kind of transaction between businesses i.e business between manufacturers and wholesalers or retailers and not to a single customer. 
  • B2G -Business to Government – This type of E-Commerce involves the provision of products and services to federal or local agencies . 

ii) Your means of making an income. 

While some online stores choose their type of store based on the various kinds of clients they deal with, there are a few scenarios where the seller is the consumer. These are :

  • C2B -Consumer To Business – This is a kind of E-commerce where a customer/consumer (end-user)  offers products or services to an organization with the centre of attention being the purpose of creating value by requesting feedback and more. Examples include Amazon and Google AdSense.  
  • C2C -Consumer To Consumer – This business model includes the process of consumers doing business with each other using a third-party platform. A good example is the infamous Craigslist. 
  • Selling directly to your  customers
  • White label Products -These are products that are sold by retailers who rebrand the goods and put their logo . However, the products are mass-produced by a third party. A good example is kiosks and supermarkets. 
  • Selling in wholesale 
  • Using the Dropship method -Drop shipping refers to business retail in nature, where the supplier accepts an order without having the stock in storage readily available. 
  • Selling by customer subscriptions

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