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Social Media has been defined as any network that allows people to create, share and exchange ideas and information, in form of pictures, videos and written work, in virtual communities and networks.

Research shows that 92% of marketers credit social media for their exposure and over 80% credit it for increased website traffic. With phone users spending over 6 hours a day on social media, it is very wise for any business to invest their marketing dollars in social media.

Running a social media campaign can be a daunting task for some when you factor in the time, skills, curating of the message, listening to feedback and engaging your audience. Figuring out what your business needs to make social media marketing work for you can be an overwhelming process.

Which is why SoftwaresKe is here for you.

We help you set your social media goals and expectations, monitor your social media metrics and engage your audience.

Well it may sound quite easy to say, but almost half of social media marketers need to spend more than 11 hours a day managing content and engaging their audience! I know! 11 HOURS!!!

That is a lot of time from your core activities. And that is why we are here for you. However, you need not to worry, our experienced team at Softwareske will ensure that your social media campaign is up and running successfully at affordable rates.

We will be able to provide for you the following services;

  1. Choose your theme

Social media campaigns generally follow 3 themes;

  • To inform– this is about building a brand and creating awareness about it
  • To persuade– this is about getting people to take action be it buying or joining a cause
  • To reinforce– this is about building brand loyalty and showing brand benefits

Whatever your theme may be, Softwareske will help you identify it and successfully implement it.

  1. Find the Right Social Media Network

Another key thing we will be able to do for you is identify the right social media network for you. While there are many social media networks available, not all are right for you.

Granted, Facebook is currently the leading network in terms of terms of reach and size, but that does not mean that it is the best for your business. By figuring out your target market, you will be able to identify where best to reach them.

For example, while a third of the world’s population logs onto Facebook daily, statistics show that most of them are above 35 years. However, majority of the people in their teens and early 20s have are to be found on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr among others. Other social media sides widely used include YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn.

At Softwareske, we will ensure that the social media network you chose is best suited for your target need to identify your target market identifying your target market, you will be able to figure out

  1. Track and Monitor your Metrics

Another key component of Social media marketing that Softwareske will help you with is tracking and monitoring your metrics. This helps you understand your audience better, track your competition and eventually create smarter content to improve your performance.

  1. Engage your audience

More than half of the social media users say that they do not interact with brands on social media networks. Engaging customers online can be a bit tricky because people don’t go to social media to engage with brands but to engage with friends, get informed and be entertained.

Customers engage with brands only when there is something of value in return. It is therefore very important for a business to get to the point of creating content and offering what the customers need. To be able to do this, businesses need to collect feedback from their audience so as to be able to give them what they want. This can be done through polls, contests, challenges and just general feedback.

Get the Best Social Media Marketing from Softwareske

Despite the numerous benefits of social media marketing, many businesses continue to struggle with things such as engagement, monitoring, tools among others.

At Softwareske, we provide you with the best and most comprehensive social media Marketing services. Our skilled and experienced professionals will ensure that you definitely get the best value for your marketing dollars.

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