The Team

Over the years, our employees have grown into specialized teams with each one in charge of a specific area of expertise. We still work as one big family in spite of the division, and together, we strive to make the world go Digital in Style!


We established Softwareske in 2017 and over the years, our employees have grown into specialized teams with each one in charge of a specifi area of expertise. We still work as one big family despite the division, and together,  we strive to make the world go Digital in Style! 

Importance of a Team

1. The importance of working as a team is the merging of each individual’s perspectives,
experience, expertise, and ideas to produce a result that surpasses any one individual.
2. Quickens the problem-solving process-Team work makes it very easy to solve problems
as all the individuals come together and brainstorm solutions.
3. Teamwork provides for cohesion– When people work as a team, over time they become
united as one and move in sync with each other towards the shared goal /objective.
4. Teamwork provides an opportunity to learn – By watching colleagues’ mistakes and how
they went about it, enables the rest of the team to refrain from taking the same measures
and equips them with an idea of how to solve the problem should they find themselves in
the same situation.
5. The Motivation factor– Teamwork boosts the morale of the workers through rewarding
team effort.

Our Team

We contribute our best efforts to meet the most optimistic expectation of our clients. This is achieved through our able team.

Felix K.

Founder – CTO

Vivian J.

Managing Director

Kevin K.

Business Developer

Dismus K.

HR Consultant

Daniel K

Business Developer

Hillary C.


Cynthia L.

Digital Marketer

David R.


Jesse K.


Humprey N.


Michael M.


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