The Do's and the Don'ts in WordPress Development

Be it an individual or a small business or an enterprise, running a WordPress website is the ultimate choice. The acceptance of WordPress by both programmers and non-programmers, make it a target for malicious hackers, therefore, reinforcing the importance of observing the most recommended practices. After years of developing WordPress websites, we managed to come up with some of the most recommended practices for WordPress development. Here are some of the dos and dos when using a WordPress website.

The Do’s

  1. Use social media to drive traffic to your website-A social media presence is essential in promoting your website by driving traffic towards it. The more you establish your social media presence the easier it is to use your platforms as tools to reach the maximum audience.
  2. Set aside a backup Plug in- If your website suddenly comes to a halt, a plan B (Back-Up Plugin) will come in handy. The best part is that you have options when it comes to deciding which kind of backup the plugin you want to use from free to paid WordPress plugins.
  3. Do Seek FeedbackFeedback is a valuable asset to the building block of any business. In this case, feedback equips you with the knowledge of how user-friendly your website isthere are many Plugins available that will allow your users to give feedback on your site via your social platforms, support forums, and email.
  4. Put up a permalink structure – The permalink structure is a key segment of your WordPress website when it comes to SEO and ranking. Take for example


It’s needless to say that the second URL is easier to comprehend as compared to the first one. Changing the permalink structure of your website from settings is highly recommended to enable you to make it unchallenging for your users and search engine to get.

The Don’ts

  1. Use Copyrighted Images and Information-We can’t stress enough the need of using only images and data provided in the public domain. if the image is copyrighted permission is needed first and giving credit to original creators when it comes to article pieces.
  2. Disregard your website’s security– Keep hackers out of your website by keeping up to date with WordPress updates, establishing security plugins, and keeping strong passwords.
  3. Squander money on hosting –When choosing a hosting provider for the first time, you may have trouble getting what you require without overcompensating. Depending on the scenario, there are add-ons you may or may not need and instead of paying for unused services, you can redirect the money to other features of your website.


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