The SEO Glossary (Our top 7 picks)

Search engine optimization has been a trending subject, with many businesses now trying to power their businesses by optimizing their content and their website features in a way that will improve their visibility when it comes to the search engine. 

Here are seven of our top picks on the SEO Glossary list.


1. Bounce Rate –

Bounce rate is an internet marketing Phrase used to analyse website traffic. It indicates how many users leave the site immediately instead of going through the other pages of the website they have visited. 

The 20-40%  range can be considered the most favourable bounce rate while an average one would be from 41-55%

A high bounce rate does not certainly mean that it indicates bad performance. However, when accompanied by a low conversion rate, this is when it is considered bad.

2. Click Through rate 

The Click-through rate is the percentage of visitors who click on a particular link to the number of total visitors who view a page, email, or advertisement. Click-Through Rate (CTR)is commonly used to scale how well your keywords and ads, and free listings are.

Therefore CTR  = The Number of clicks obtained by your ads

                               The number of times your ad is shown.

       i.e      Clicks  ÷ Impressions = CTR

3. Crawler

 Crawler is a program used by search engines to collect brand new and up to date information from the internet.

When on a particular website page crawlers screen the whole site and stock it in the information space /databank together with the internal and external links. The crawler then moves to another site and revisits the links later. Explaining how they move from one site to the next and how indexing comes about. 

 4. Broken links

In layman’s terms, broken links are not clickable and are thereby deemed defective. Usually a hyperlink does not lead to any one thing.

A broken link usually involves embedding a  hyperlink to a website that is connected to a bare or an external web page that does not exist or is missing . An error message pops up when you click a broken link.

 5. Anchor texts 

The clickable texts or words are usually in blue and therefore can be noticed by the visitor.  

Types of anchor texts 

  1. Exact Match

Habitually boosted localization element, the exact match anchor text is present,the most important for any SEO ranking. It performs duties as the main keywords and the money keywords the page is set to target.  The anchor text is the precise keyword or phrase that is meant to be ranked. 

  1. Partial Match

 The partial match anchor text contains a keyword for a particular page but lacks localization. It envelopes some words that make long keywords. This anchor text is comprised of all words in the question that are not in the exact words.

  1. Random

The random anchor text is a general term that fails to incorporate the target keyword or an unspecific or generic phrase that does not include the target keyword. 

6. Hyperlinks 

A hyperlink is a citation to information the user can click and go after by clicking. Usually in blue, a hyperlink enable the visitor to jump on to a whole new document or a brand new segment within the existing document.

7. Conversion Rate

It is the total number of actions taken by visitors divided by the total number of visitors. This v=can be the desired action by the website owner be it a subscription, a call , or making that purchase.

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